Heights of Green – Lise MacTague

Heights of Green - Lise MacTagueIn Heights of Green, Lise MacTague returns us to the lives of Jak Stowell and Torrin Ivanov. After their escape from Haefen at the end of Depths of Blue, Torrin returns them to her home planet of Nadierzda. Nadi is another fringe planet but this one is hidden from the rest of the galaxy by an asteroid belt and all off-world travelers keep even the existence of the planet a secret. Nadierzda is a planet of only women and Jak is in for the culture shock of her life.

As a female sniper in an all-male army on her home planet of Haefen, Jak constantly was on guard to never be seen as anything other than a man and a soldier. As she recovers from her ordeal escaping from Haefen, she has to learn to let herself be seen as female and that her relationship with Torrin, a crime where she comes from, is perfectly natural on Nadi.

Where survival and civil war provided the main source of conflict in the first book of the trilogy, angst regarding Jak and Torrin’s growing relationship, Jak’s internal struggles with her identity and Torrin’s type A personality when it comes to her business, all provide the dissonance between the characters for most of this second book.

Ms. MacTague once again builds a stunning world whose women run an entire planet, from politics to economics to the military and everything in between. She introduces us to new characters like Torrin’s family and business partners and the soldiers at the military base who become Jak’s friends. As the story progresses, the reader becomes more and more invested in the relationship between the sniper and the smuggler from completely different worlds.

As most second parts in a trilogy, this one ends in a cliffhanger, leaving dangling threads to be picked up and carried through to the third book. I’d suggest that you have the third book, Vortex of Crimson, at the ready. As soon as you put down Heights of Green, you will want to start reading the next one immediately. I know I am!! Lise MacTague is batting 1000 so far with the Edge of Deception trilogy. I can’t wait to keep reading!

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 334 pages
  • First published 2015
  • Publisher: Bella Books (December 18, 2015)
  • ASIN: B019KU3J5I
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