Heart Trouble – Jae

Heart Trouble - JaeJae has taken a new tack with her latest novel, Heart Trouble, and branched out into a medical drama. The premise is unusual, gives her a really wide scope to explore emotional connections – and would fit into a paranormal category.

Dr Hope Findlay is an emotionally repressed ER doc who hs devoted her life to her work and cut off almost everything else. Laleh Samadi is a warm loving and highly emotive woman with a rich Persian background, including the meddling family. They meet by accident when Laleh’s heart palpitations land her in Hop’s ER department and a small mistake with the defib machine creates and unusual bond between them.

This is an out and out romance of the sweetest kind. Two opposites who would normally expect to have nothing in common, are brought together by a powerful link and the empathy between them in palpable in Jae’s writing. As always her characters are extremely well drawn, three dimensional, very human. In this book they are even deeper and more rounded than before because the whole premise of the story is about their emotional bond.

Jae - biogThe secondary characters are charming, from bffs to Laleh’s extended family, there is a warmth and love that permeates. Even when the family tension rises, it is love which shines through and wins out.

Heart Trouble is an absolutely lovely story, a sweet natured romance with a hot slow burn attraction. As usual with Jae you definitely get your money’s worth. An unusual plot and Jae’s normal excellent writing style put this way up the list for top notch traditional romances this year.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 357 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing (October 5, 2016)
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