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Lambda Literary FInalistGCLS clean logoAt Her Feet - Rebekah WeatherspoonSuzanne Kim lives a double life. During the day she is an up and coming digital marketing executive, holding down a stressful job, managing complex projects and handling difficult clients. In her private life she is a “little Girl” Submissive who has escaped a manipulative relationship and idly searching for her ideal Mistress.

When her favorite kink site throws up a gorgeous Latina “Mommie’, Mami-P, Suzy can’t resist trying to catch her attention. As they begin to explore a contract it soon becomes clear that they have the potential to form much more than a short-term connection.

But will Suzy’s trust issues and Pilar’s need for real communication be too much of a strain, or will other Mommies be the real threat to their future?


Warning – this is extremely erotic and crammed full of mild BDSM. If you don’t like full-on sex scenes and very graphic images – don’t read it.

We all have very different responses to erotica; some love it, some are revolted by it. If you like mild BDSM you will love this book. The sex scenes are extremely hot, well written, and varied. Unlike so much erotica I never once got bored of a tedious activity or repetitive language. Ms Weatherspoon has managed to write a book full of luscious activity without repeating herself.

What most people will react to, however, is the role play. I am sure most of us are aware of the Daddy/Boy scenario in the gay men’s scene. I had personally never come across the Mommies/Little Girl play in the lesbian world. Like many, I suspect, my first reaction was one of wariness. With a strong lesbian feminist background there are all sorts of triggers here about the abuse of ‘little girls’ and reading about women who chose that role was initially uncomfortable.

But Rebekah Weatherspoon has drawn us a character that is not a weak, powerless woman who gets bullied into submission. While she has been manipulated a past relationship (who hasn’t?) she had the strength to leave that behind when her ‘Mistress’ couldn’t fulfill her needs. When confronted with sexual harassment and bullying she is deeply upset, but quickly responds by reporting it and walking away, confident of herself and not prepared to tolerate the abuse.

Suzanne is a strong independent woman with a good job, a nice apartment, deep friendships. She just happens to like BDSM and enjoys the role of the Little Girl being looked after and cared for by a ‘Mommy’. Interestingly Susanne is taller than Pilar, possibly earns more than Pilar, is more than capable of acting like a grown-up girlfriend when she is needed, and frequently suggests the games and role play they enjoy. Yes, Suzy lets Mami-P take control and make the decisions, but she has power that is adroitly displayed in the delightful Catholic High School/teacher scene she creates when we see her drive Pilar crazy.

So, if you can take a moment to step back and get over any initial hostility to the role play, what we have is a well written exploration of how mutual attraction develops between two women who meet because of a potential sexual contract.

Suzy is a complex and interesting character. She struggles to balance her need for the Sub role with her natural management style and her trust issues. She struggles to communicate her deep feelings because she is scared of being rejected – something many of us will empathize with. The other characters are lightly drawn, even Pilar is left an enigma, but they give us a flavor of the scene. More than anything they demonstrate that these are a standard range of woman – some sweet, some bitchy, some stressed and acting out, some manipulative and aggressive.

The relationship development is the plot that holds this together and makes an interesting read. We see the standard early relationship fears and insecurities that we all will have been through. On top of that we have the highly important sexual chemistry. A contract based on BDSM needs is not going to work if the couple doesn’t meet each other’s requirements. And as an extra layer of complexity Suzy and Mami-P are trying to form a role-play partnership where each ones ability to fulfill a role is paramount. Ultimately that is the test that will make or break this relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed “At Her Feet”. It is well written, well edited and well developed. The sex scenes are hot. The characters are interesting and, once I had overcome my own prejudices, I found the role play and relationship development really thought-provoking. I would recommend it to anyone who likes mild BDSM erotica.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 189 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (September 16, 2013)
  • Language: English
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