Falling Hard – Jae

Falling Hard - JaeJordan is a player, honest, straightforward and caring about it, but a one-night-stand or friends with benefits type of woman, nothing else. She puts her energy into her job as a surgeon and her fun time is strictly that. Her mother’s decision to give up a career for a family has left a deep felt conviction that for Jordan her decision will always to put her career and life first.

>When an attractive woman moves into the duplex next door Jordan instantly turns on the charm, only to be flat-out shut down in seconds. Emma is recently divorced and hurting badly from finding her plastic surgeon wife wasn’t as committed to the marriage vows as she believed. She is determined to stay single, look after her daughter and build her business, keeping her heart securely locked away – especially from attractive but dangerous women like Jordan.

As always Jae’s books are well done, with clever construction, strong storylines and excellent delivery. In ‘Falling Hard’, we also have a strong element of personal development. Emma needs to let go of her ugly past, never an easy option, and be prepared to open up to take a chance with her heart, for her and her daughter. Jordan has a bigger hill to climb, changing the conviction of a lifetime that she will never fall in love, never want to settle down.

Jae - biogJae’s characters are strong women, complex and interesting. In this we have the addition of a charming 5 year old who almost steals the show. Jordan and Molly’s blossoming friendship creates a subplot of amusing adult learning opportunities. Molly’s instinctive take down of a nasty racist belittling Jordan is a classic way to make a point in the most understated way, just as Jae has pointedly underplayed the inter-racial relationship aspect of the story.

I love Jane’s writing style, and always enjoy her books – this was no exception. However, despite all the good – solid plot, classic storyline, interesting characters and the normal “will she wont she” tension – it wont be top of my favourite books by this author. It was good but not as good as others and left me a little flat, perhaps the whole was just too classic and underplayed. I guess when you are as good as Jae we readers come to expect the best every time and judge more harshly – hard price to pay for being such an excellent storyteller.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 367 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: Ylva (April 19, 2017)
  • ASIN: B06Y1SMC6R
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