Every Second Counts – D. Jackson Leigh

GCLS clean logoEvery Second Counts - D.Jackson LeighMarc Ryder rides the rodeo bulls in a mindless attempt to keep the adrenaline flowing. Between the rodeo and the women she leads a jet set life with nothing to tie her down. But when an ill–judged dismount leaves her leg in tatters and in need of recuperation she accepts an invitation to go ‘home’ for some R&R after 12 years away. There she finds that the world has moved on, her mad-cap friends have grown up, and once again the people she desperately wants to love and need her have left her behind again.

Bridgette LeRoy finds Marc irresistible but just cannot seem to get away from her. Between shared friends on the ranch, on the softball team and at the bar she keeps bumping into the woman she would rather avoid. And when the college she teaches at needs a donation from Marc it seems fate keeps throwing them together.

Despite their on-again off-again fling Bridgette is determined to keep her emotional distance from the woman who brings up so many painful memories. Can she let herself care for the vulnerable woman she sees under the bravado? And can Marc even begin to understand her own demons, the pain that pushes her to self-destruction?


Marc Ryder is a brilliant character – warped, damaged and dangerous. She oozes sex appeal, conquers just about whatever she fancies and lives in a world where she is untouchable – which keeps her from harm, but prevents her from feeling. The rodeo accident is a trigger that starts to unravel her protected world. Suddenly she can be hurt physically and soon she starts to open up emotionally. But as a deprived child she doesn’t have the tools to handle either. She has no self worth because everybody always leaves her. Everybody wants her lust and her passion. Nobody wants her heart.

D. Jackson Leigh has created the archetypal bass-ass heroine. She is an extreme, but one we recognize instantly. The challenge she faces is to stop running and start living, and the author holds us, just on the brink, hoping Marc can emerge from the image of Ryder. It is an emotional rollercoaster full of suspense and passion.

Bridgette (from “Long Shot’) is the opposite in so many ways. Calm, reflective, meditative. But inside she is just as scared and withdrawn and has her own demons to battle. Between them they present a delightful tug of war where their obvious and overwhelming lust for each other battles their fear. Enormously engaging and charming in the most subtle of ways.

Behind these two are a wonderful cast, many of whom we met in ‘Bareback’. Here we see the studs tamed and corralled by their soft yet powerful southern women. We have lesbian parents, horny ranch hands and great new characters like the extremely hot TSA Officer Claire.

D Jackson Leigh BiogThe sex scenes are steamy from page one, fast and furious. If you don’t like full on bodice rippers this may not be the one for you, but they are well written and sizzling hot . While Marc is a player she is respectful, caring and honest – even when slapped hard in the face for a 12 year old transgression.

I loved this book, it kept me up all night with pure entertainment. Another great story of sexy southern women, professional riders and romance. Definitely one for the re-read pile.

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  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • First published 2013
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (12 Feb 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00BF38NNC
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