Escape in Time – Robyn Nyx

Escape in Time - Robyn NyxEscape in Time is the first book in an expected trilogy from author Robyn Nyx. In the world Ms. Nyx has created for her readers is a powerful corporation called Pulsus. It derives its power from technology that they have developed and that only they have access to – technology to travel through time and medical regeneration. Their main goal is to build a better future by saving the lives of people in the past. The corporation is located on its own island where most all of the employees live as well as work.

The bulk of this book is the story of a mission to Nazi Germany to save a Jewish doctor on the brink of discovering the cure to cancer and the emotional repercussions the team members experience when they return to their time, in the future. The mission team consists of three operatives, Delaney, Simson and Griffin and their extractor, Landry. After the operatives have embedded themselves in their undercover roles in the past, the extractor arrives to effectuate the actual rescue and then bring the team back to their time.

The portion of the story told from the Nazi concentration camp is well-written and realistic. This shows me that the author took the time to do her research on the time period. An unexpected relationship develops in the camp that has implications for the arc of the series even beyond this first book. Characterizations are finely detailed and help to drive the plot forward both on and off mission.

As a life-long science fiction fan, I do find it disconcerting when advances in technology aren’t sufficiently explained as to how they work. For me that is what puts the “science” in science fiction. When these advances in scientific knowledge, time travel and medical regeneration technology are basically referred to as fait accompli, the story then moves into the realm of speculative fiction. A story about a possible future without the scientific underpinnings in a book categorized as science fiction. The author only references some equipment used in both of these technologies in use at Pulsus but no real explanation into the scientific basis for their use.

This however is my only real quibble with the story.  Ms. Nyx tells an awesome story with real characters and that to my mind is the goal of a good book. I truly enjoyed reading Escape in Time and am eagerly awaiting the second in the series, Change in Time, expected in November 2017.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (April 18, 2017)
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