Eagle Cove – Darla Baker

Eagle Cove - Darle BakerThis is an unusual read. For a start it’s in the third person and present tense, so we are told everything about our characters. There were times when the descriptions got a little long, but overall I fond it refreshing and quite intriguing.

It’s a romance, in the last twist you could even call it a traditional romance, but it’s also extremely erotic and full of thoughtful relationship exploration. In the end I could only categorise it as a fictional biography, almost the journal of our main character, sex therapist Thalia.

It starts with a lot of relatively shallow erotic scenes that may put some readers off, but actually perfectly set the tone for Thalia’s womanizing lifestyle. Throughout we are introduced to Thalia’s friends, a lively bunch, and her clients, which allows Baker to explore a whole range of relationship situations and issues from internalised homophobia to issues around parenting and of course that fear of being vulnerable, letting somebody back in to hurt us again.

There are some laugh out loud scenes and interactions, an unusual rendition of Dickens and enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Throughout there is a clear sense that the author loves these women. Ultimately it is the interrelationships of Thalia and her family of choice that imbues the novel with affection.

Darla BakerThe setting it interesting and the lake scenes drawn with loving care. We might raise an eyebrow at a rural Kentucky small town being quite so chock-a-bloc with women throwing themselves at our heroine.. but it is a work of fiction. I definitely need to visit to find out for myself.

Overall an enjoyable read. A good first novel and I will certainly be looking for the next one to see where Ms Baker takes this concept and crew.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Stone Soup Community Press
    (June 11, 2016)
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