Don’t Let Go – Sheryl Wright

Don't Let Go - Sheryl WrightNothing is quiet so refreshing as a something completely different to the norm. Don’t Let Go is a traditional romance, set in the corporate world and with a twist of a corporate intrigue to add to the action. What makes it unusual is that the main character in both the romance and the corporation is a Vet who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and is suffering from a range of seemingly catastrophic after effects.

Georgie is still the dynamo inventor and project manager for the family’s engineering company, despite her injuries. But her social skills and interactions have been deeply impacted by the TBI. Her ‘handlers’ feel she needs a secretary /baby-sitter, she knows she needs somebody with a much wider remit.

Tyler is an unemployed professor who is reluctant to take on a job she initially perceives as beneath her, but once she gets over herself she realises that there is far more to Georgie than first appearances suggest.

Georgie is an amazingly complex character. Her wit and intelligence is hidden behind her lack of comunication but demonstrated in her genius, her TBI restrictions are extremely well portrayed, obvious but subtly drawn, and her internal battles and frustrations cleverly presented through her internal dialogue and actions. Tyler takes a little time to grow into a likeable character, her self-absorption at the start of the novel is not attractive, but as she comes to understand Georgie she grows in stature and becomes a more empathic character.

There is a huge family and extremely complex family dynamics. I am not sure even now that I am quite sure who is related to who and how, but while that might sound chaotic in some ways it doesn’t matter. What we do get is a very strongly drawn line in the sand of who is and who is not Georgie’s supporters and fans.

The romance was slightly less interesting than the character development and the corporate shenanigans. There were a few strands which were left untied, (I wanted to know what happened within the company after the corporate intrigue plays out) and a few bumps I found a little untidy along the way. But overall I really enjoyed this – primarily because Georgie is such a refreshing and well-drawn main character. Her gentle emergence from the seeming isolation inside her head, combined with the slow reveal of how much support she actually has, made it something I couldn’t put down.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • First published 2016
  • Publisher: Bella Books (September 18, 2016)
  • ASIN: B01M15D24X
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