Digging for Home – Parker and Dixie Ames with Lucy McMan-West

Screenshot 2014-06-13 19.32.35Ever wondered what your canine companions are thinking when they watch the game with you? Now you can find out.

Digging fort Home is a wonderful, light hearted and very informative little book about the 3 best friends view of softball. As well as being the agent Lucy seems mainly to contribute the humor and pose for pictures, Dixie is clearly the player, while Parker, the ever steady Parker, holds them all together.

I am British and softball confuses us over here. We call it rounders and play it at school, so the fascination eludes us. But it was amazingly helpful to have a dogs eye-view of the game. I particularly liked the 13 simple rules… I think I can already remember 6.  And I can see how the tortoise might be a great secret weapon on the farm team.

More than anything what comes across is the wit, humor and delight of the parents, Lynn Ames, Ann McMan and Salem West – and their adoration of their pups. Adoration that clearly goes both ways. Those of us lucky enough to watch their interplay on Facebook will recognize the characters of Parker, Dixie and Lucy from many delightful conversations had online. And I am please to see the Black Amex Card in evidence.

Of course for those of a slightly more serious disposition, the inclusion of the first chapter of Lynn’s next book, Bright Lights of Summer, due out in the autumn, is an added bonus. It looks intriguing and I can’t wait to get hold of the real thing.

This may be the only time we ever review a book by three dogs, and mean that without an insult involved.  But of course the pups may write another book, Spenser Moran and Lilli Prescott might reply in kind. who knows where this sub genre may take us.

So if you fancy a charming, silly and slightly muddy doggy take on the addictive world of women’s softball, with the delightful graphics of McMan, the storytelling of Ames and a soupcon of wit from West, this is your book.

Digging for Home is available from Amazon here