Days six and seven – Lesfic and Singing

So the last couple of days have been great fun.

Spent the days wandering the tiny area of PTown central from Recovering Hearts to WomenCraft with stops at Napi’s, The Sage, The Library and The Harbour Lounge for readings, signings and meet-n-greets. Seen a load of old friends and made some fabulous new ones.

Doing the readings for Cheyne Curry and Jody Klaire was an unusuaul experience, but given how much this lot love my accent I knew I couldn’t go too far wrong. Maybe that’s my new career, stand in reder for absentee and stage shy authors 😀

Both nights have ended with singing and whiskey surrounded by a bunch of amazing women. Thursday we congregated at the Governor Bradford for a karaoke night. Great singing, great atmosphere and a really good laugh. Sound system do with some work, and toning down.. but we definitely rocked it.

Friday I was invited to a fundraising get together at Frizz and Cathy’s place out on Law and we had a wonderful night of great food, warm company and a really enjoyable jam session. Thanks for the invite ladies and for a brilliant sing-along.

Last full day today.. going to do the rounds again, but I recon it will be a much quieter night as many are leaving today.. probably a good thing for my liver!

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