Day two.. tired

Managed to sleep very late by UK time zone (EST+5) but am still knackered. Was going to check out Southie but it was chucking it down so read and drank coffee.

Uber to the ferry, ferry is cancelled, bus is 20 mins late so eta 3.30 instead of 2.30… an hour in Dunkin Donuts with a whole posse of lesbians.

But the upside is another successful ‘talk to a stranger’ session, spent the journey with the lovely Sue Doyle talking about all sorts from house renovation to American hospitality. Maybe I can do that thing.

Bags dropped at the studio and off to register, buy a new T and find a beer. Met up with Mary, MJ, Ladylin, Kim, Ingrid, Sue and Sue at the Grovernor Bradford for a pint of Cape Cod or two and then a delicious burger at Local 186. Have to admit I have given up on the evening and retreated to bed.

Observation of the weekend.. Boston taxi drivers have no clue. Taxi from the airport to a major city centre shopping area, Washington Street, taxi asked the name of the street 3 times and has to use sat nav. From Washington Street I asked for Bolton Street and was told it wasn’t in Boston. The today I asked for Seaport Hotel/World Trade Centre and driver had never heard of it.. I mean REALLY??

For those who don’t know Boston, Washington Street is the main shopping drag, Bolton Street isn’t in Boston cos its Southie and Seaport? Seriously? Not impressed. If you grab a taxi in London they don’t use satnav or drive one handed while using google maps.

Bedtime.. gonna catch a bit of the Giants game on NBC and chillax while the rain batters down and the wind howls round the alleyways.