Day One – LHR-BOS

Ok day one.. been a long day. Had a lovely breakfast with my very tolerant B&B provider and then caught a cab to London Heathrow. Spent so much time shopping for odds and ends i was the last one on the plane (oops)

So – I am practicing being sociable. Those of you who know me as the loud, brash and confident singer (not to mention Mr F-N-Furter).. I am actually not good at talking to strangers. But I am seriously considering a huge solo trip, and my bestie says I have to look up and engage rather than look down at my phone/mac/kindle.

So I sat down next to this lovely African American woman and somehow, not even sure how, started a conversation which lasted 7 ½ hours. We did politics, history, slavery, West-Indian/African American/African differences, social impact of the political spheres of influence, work, and back to politics pretty much every other topic. Was AWESOME. Towards the end of the flight she told me she’s an introvert and NEVER talks on planes. So I am pretty impressed I left with her card and a promise to meet up for dinner in London when she is over in the new year.

Flight was good, food was tasty and our lovely camp steward kept the booze flowing despite the announcement that they would limit our alcohol to encourage responsible drinking J

Landed early, they were queuing us for entry to customs when the man said US, Canadian Global and repeat ESTA’s, this way (well that wasn’t what I heard but after several repeats that’s what he meant). So I got to fast track straight through, fought the machine cos of my twisted fingers and voila.. BOSTON.

Caught a cab to Washington St and went straight to AT&T to get a US sim with a big chunk of data, then a cab to southie where I have an Air BnB booked. Now crashed in my room, should be going out but, you know – it’s 11.30pm in my time zone.. and I have 6 weeks to go out.. so am going to get a shower and chill.

Thanks all for the lovely good wishes from those I am leaving behind and those I am visiting. More soon.. PTown tomorrow.