Day Five – karaoke in the nuthouse

More whales than I can shake a stick at this morning.. pics to follow when I find the time to download and sort them. Truly amazing; a pod of c15 dolphins which they said was unusual here, then 28+ whales doing Olympic class synchronised swimming. Was AWESOME.

Gorgeous food in the sun with good friends, then beer and more beer, oh and some beer at the GCLS mixer. Oh, no, that was the whiskey.

Anyhoo.. ended the evening at the nutcase pop idol show. And you know when you chose a song and a completely odd version comes up. Well you may know Cry Me A River, but try it at half speed… OMG and no swing possible at all. Still I enjoyed my slow dance with the groping nun, Sister Labia, even though I did manage to score Nil Points from 3 of the judges.

The rest of the show was brilliant and the judges were bonkers. The final act or Corday trying to speak/sing “I will survive” aided by Kate Clinton doing money noises, Vickie Shaw on backing drone and Karen Williams screaming at her to get off, is not something I will forget in a hurry. Classic comedy night.