Dames with Dames – Rachel Windsor

Dames with DamesNew York City, 1940. Dixie is the archetypal buxom blonde receptionist at a dead-beat detective agency. With no work and no income Jack Nixon may look the part of a tough detective, but if something doesn’t turn up soon he isn’t going to make the rent, let alone the wages.

When Shirley, a tough butch with pants and an attitude, walks in needing to hire some muscle to reclaim her ‘lost’ property, all three lives are set to change.


This is the second novella in a series entitled Lesbian Lovers Throughout Time. In each story Rachel Windsor explores the era and a classic genre of the time. In this tale we are in 1940’s New York and the classic tough and dirty detective agency. However, this being LesFic it’s the girl who gets the broad.

Dixie is the sweet pin up girl with the wasp waste and a cleavage to die for. Not quite as innocent as she appears but with enough nouse to “nock-em-dead”. Her boss is the traditional hard drinking ‘Dick’ with a grotty office and a soft spot for Dixie, who he treats like a kid sister to be protected and looked after. Shirley is the alpha female with an eye for the ladies and a swagger to match.

Three great characters, well drawn and engaging – I could happily read a series of stories about the adventures they could have together. The plot is simple but keeps the pages turning. The tone is perfect for the genre and the twist an enjoyable variant.

Rachel Windsor biogWithout getting heavily into the history or overplaying the descriptions Ms Windsor gives us just enough pointers to trigger all our memories of the era from the books and movies we have grown up with. Great fun, well written and hugely entertaining. Looking forward to the more in this series.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 42 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital (Feb 2014)
  • Language: English
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