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Colde and Rainey - RE BradshawWhen Rainey Bell hears that her father’s Vietnam Captain and long time friend has died in a hunting accident she has to go to the funeral, despite the forecast blizzard and leaving her wife and 2 year old triplets behind. Even without knowing it’s what her father would have expected she needs to go and pay her respects to a man who gave her comfort when she needed it most.

After the funeral she wants to go home to Katie as quickly as possible but finds herself drawn back to the house at the request of the widow. Soon she if presented with a cold case file and the suggestion that Captain Wise’s death was not an accident. Rainey is willing to take a look and use her behavioral analyst’s skills, but then she wants out – back to the child-free Valentine’s Day weekend she has planned.

But as usual things never go smoothly when Rainey Blue Bell gets involved with a serial killer – even if the case is Colde.


This is the fourth Rainy Bell series. It stands alone, but will be much better appreciated as part of the series.

Here RE Bradshaw takes Rainey and Katie down a slightly different track. Still a page turning thriller with a serial killer on the lose, this novel is gentler, more about the thought and analysis of a murder than the stark drama of the previous sadistic attacks on Rainey and Katie. Without giving any spoilers when Rainey’s life if threatened the sense is less whether she will survive and more how.

As always Ms Bradshaw’s books are extremely well crafted and edited. The words flow, the characterization is brilliant and the dialogue both realistic and clever. It is the wit and elegance of the interactions that make these books stand out. As we have come to know Rainey and Katie the love and humor between them grows. Their adoration is palpable, their comfort together radiates, and their knowledge of each other leads to a tolerant and amused interaction. As additional pleasure we meet Danny again and have Molly and Leslie visit, a combination of friends that brings out the softer side of Rainey.

RE Bradshaw bioIt is this softer side Ms Bradshaw explores. How Rainey’s thought process works is as much a part of this story as how the cold genius of the serial killer has managed to get away with the clever crimes. We watch Rainey use her mind to analyze the events from the past and survive the threats of the present. As much as anything though it is her love for her family that shines through, and although she doesn’t spend much time at home in this tale, the family is a constant presence and ultimately her driving force.

RE Bradshaw creates wonderful people and intriguing plots. Rainey and Katie are two of the most loveable couples in print. It is always a joy to revisit old friends and this will not disappoint. Definitely another 5 star read and a great addition to the Rainey Bell family saga.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 198 pages
  • First published 2014
  • Publisher: R.E. Bradshaw Books (May 3, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00K4I45K4
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To buy the Kindle edition – click here.

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