A Celtic Knot – Ana Corman

A Celtic KnowCatherine O’Grady and Olivia Carrington meet when Catherine’s mother, Dana, attends an oncology appointment for her 5 year checkup. The attraction is instant but the surface ‘dislike’ is palpable.

Catherine runs a café bookshop with her mother. She has worked hard to build her business, recover from a bad break up and more than anything, to support her mother through treatment and recovery. But along the way she has developed a loathing for hospitals and uncaring Doctors who, she feels, failed her father and provide limited options for patients.

Olivia is the typical arrogant heath professional. On top of her game, confident she knows it all, and sure of her own opinions. When the 2 collide over Dana’s hospital bed sparks fly.

Both have something to learn. Catherine that cancer sufferers need more than just books for support, Olivia that they need knowledge. And while they 2 women battle each others prejudices their attraction grows.


This is a great book. Catherine, Dana and Olivia are wonderful characters with strong individual personalities and great depth. The story is strong and the developing romance follows a well trodden but interesting pattern. The use of the jigsaw puzzle to capture Catherine’s heart is excellent.

While I haven’t been involved with cancer (my own family experience is heart disease) I found the battles over emotion, knowledge, support and care to resonate as I am sure it will with many. Ana Corman’s background is nursing and she has clearly empathised with the family and friends as well as the patients. I thought Catherine’s hostility and anger came across as very realistic, something many of us can relate to when we have lost somebody and are not convinced the medical profession did their jobs.

The initial fights between Catherine and Olivia are well done, their affection develops well, and Olivia’s war of attrition on Catherine’s fears can make us all dream of being wanted so much.

Will definitely be on my re-read pile for the future.

Product info:

  • Paperback: 250 pages
  • First published 2010
  • Publisher: Createspace (31 Aug 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1451593457
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451593457
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