When it Raynes – CD Cain

You know sometimes when you read a new book by a new author and just get swept away? CD Cain’s first book, and the beginning of a four part series, is a classic in the making. I literally can’t wait for book two. Set in the south with the delightful backdrop of the Louisiana bayou […]

2015 Lambda Literary Prize Winners

LAMMY WINNERS 2015: LESBIAN FICTION: “Yabo”, Alexis De Veaux, RedBone Press LESBIAN POETRY: “Mysterious Acts by My People “, Valerie Wetlaufer, Sibling Rivalry Press LESBIAN MYSTERY: “The Old Deep and Dark “, Ellen Hart, Minotaur Books LESBIAN MEMOIR/BIOGRAPHY: “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around: Forty Years of Movement Building ” with Barbara Smith, Alethia […]


Fantasy fiction, inclusive of all aspects, tends to be shoved in the corner, placed on the odd shelf in the bookstore corner, maligned, over-looked, marginalized and so forth.  Books written by women, very often, suffer the same fate.  Books written by openly lesbian authors tend to be subsumed within the categories of “women authors,” “lgbtq,” […]

Fantasy Giveaway

This week we are giving away 5 Fabulous Fantasy novels as reviewed here on the LRR this last week. The winners will receive one* of the following books signed by the authors. Demon Hunter – Linda Kay Silva Deep Merge – Linda North Wind and Dreams – Linda North Destination Alara – S.Y. Thompson Fractured Futures […]

Musings on a reading journey

As any of you who read my reviews will know I read almost exclusively lesbian novels, mainly romance, adventure, crime and similar. It has struck me recently, while reading a couple of fantasy stories, that I used to read almost exclusively sci/fi fantasy novels. I studied Women’s English Literature for my first degree so part […]