Lost In The Starlight – Kiki Archer

Somewhere between a classic Trad romance and a comedy of errors this is a very British RomCom and you definitely need to suspend disbelief.. but then why not. Take an A-list superstar from a power celebrity family, molded and manipulated by her Orwellian mother, a lovely woman who doesn’t know who or what she is […]

The Circle Dance – Jen Silver

The Circle Dance is Jen Silver’s first stand-alone novel after completing her Starling Hill Trilogy. Once again set in the hills of West Yorkshire and infused with wit and realism, it is a classic British romance. Each of Ms Silver’s characters are familiar, realistic, lightly but well drawn and all of them are on a […]

L is For – Kiki Archer et al

A great mixed bag of short stories, from ghosts to erotica, humor to romance. Contributed by UK lesfic writers the profits are being donated to the charity R U Coming Outl At just over $6 (£4) this is an excellent Christmas present and a great way to support a worthwhile LGBT cause. Contributors: VG Lee, […]