Falling Hard – Jae

Jordan is a player, honest, straightforward and caring about it, but a one-night-stand or friends with benefits type of woman, nothing else. She puts her energy into her job as a surgeon and her fun time is strictly that. Her mother’s decision to give up a career for a family has left a deep felt […]

What Matters Most – Georgia Beers

Enjoyable and easy to read as always, Georgia Beers’ latest is a classic traditional romance with a sweet likeable heroine. Kelsey has moved city and started a new life away from family and her ex, opening her own business and making new friends. When she meets a gorgeous woman in her local Starbucks there is […]

Secret Hearts – Radclyffe

The new Rad is an excellent lightweight traditional romance: quick and easy with little angst and a sweet charm. Kip comes from money and power, but finds herself on the wrong side of at least a misdemeanour when she tries to make sure her brother doesn’t drink and drive. Being assigned to 400 hours of […]

Courageous Love – KC Richardson

Take one happy and well centered ER nurse add one handsome Cop and the scene is set for a happy ever after. But throw in a life threatening disease and KC Richardson ramps up the angst. Alex has a loving family, great friends, a godson she dotes on and a job she loves as an […]

Swelter – D Jackson Leigh

Swelter finds ex-congressional aide Teal Giovanni, escaping from the paparazzi, thrown into the path of August Reese, in hiding from the drug lord she has exposed to the law. The attraction is instant, although they both keep their secrets. Over time, however they can’t keep their hands off each other, their bodies collide and their […]

Taste – Kris Bryant

Ki Blake is in her final semester at culinary school and determined to win the coveted scholarship. She knows its between her and 2 others and intends to everything she’s got into the final term. When she walks in to her first class, late, she is stopped in her tracks by the gorgeous new instructor, […]

Love On Call – Radclyffe

Back to the Rivers family Hospital and ex –army medic physician-assistant Glenn Archer is the permanently on call ER PA who works to atone for the lives she couldn’t save. She is the typical cut-off true romantic who no longer believes she is fit for anything except work. Mariana Mateo arrives in town to join […]