Four Steps – Wendy Hudson

Four Steps is Wendy Hudson’s first novel and it’s a cracker. A slow burn romance with a threatening undercurrent of slow burn thriller, where we, the reader, can see the two plots building, but the protagonists  and storylines are totally separate. The prologue is stunning, tense and terrible. It sets up the history, but also leaves us […]

Cain Casey Series – Ali Vali

I just read the first 5 books of Ali Vali’s Cain Casey ‘Devil’ series straight through, book a day, no stopping for anything. Wow.. brilliant! I don’t actually know how I hadn’t read them all before. They are favourite books of a friend, and I have really enjoyed Ms Valis’ other books. For those who […]

Reasonable Doubt – Carsen Taite

Two women, both determined to step away from fast paced lives and all consuming careers, dragged back into the fray by a terrorist bomb and the ensuing investigation. This is a good crime thriller concept with interesting twists and turns mixed in with a hard to resist romance. As always Carsen Taite’s knowledge of the […]