Amounting To Nothing – Karis Walsh

Book three in the Tacoma Mounted Police series, although this will definitely stand alone if you haven’t read the previous stories. This is a sweet and gentle romance with a frisson of crime drama. Billie Mitchell is a vet with PTSD who has found a place in the Tacoma Mounted Police. Despite considering herself a […]

Catalyst – Fletcher DeLancey

Following immediately on from Without A Front – The Warrior’s Challenge, Catalyst brings all our major players together for the Lancer’s bonding break. Set on a holiday resort island with gorgeous beaches and honeymoon cabins, Tal and Salomen are joined by their closest friends and family, including Captain Ekatya Serrado and Dr Lhyn Rivers. A […]

Love On Call – Radclyffe

Back to the Rivers family Hospital and ex –army medic physician-assistant Glenn Archer is the permanently on call ER PA who works to atone for the lives she couldn’t save. She is the typical cut-off true romantic who no longer believes she is fit for anything except work. Mariana Mateo arrives in town to join […]

Eagle Cove – Darla Baker

This is an unusual read. For a start it’s in the third person and present tense, so we are told everything about our characters. There were times when the descriptions got a little long, but overall I fond it refreshing and quite intriguing. It’s a romance, in the last twist you could even call it […]

Bury Me When I’m Dead – Cheryl A Head

Charlie Mack is a lesbian PI in Detroit, her small team are former officers of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and they make a tight knit group whose members compliment and challenge each other. Together they have formed and built a highly respected firm of Private Investigators. Called to Birmingham, Alabama on the trail of […]