Hiding Hearts – RE Bradshaw

R. E. Bradshaw’s 2x Great Aunt was known as the greatest horsewoman in Wayne County, North Carolina. Wild and untamed, living her life her way, she has inspired Bradshaw to begin a new series which starts at the tail end of the Civil War in Goldsborough, NC. The county is bracing itself for the arrival […]

Great Bones – Lynn Ames

When Grandma Goldie Horowitz wants to help her granddaughter find a girlfriend she naturally turns to Ida Pinsky, shadchan, lifelong friend and fellow resident at Shady Acres Assisted Living Community. Ida in turn points Goldie toward her own granddaughter, Julia, who runs an online dating service in her spare time.  Rachel, the object of all […]

Just for Show – Jae

It really doesn’t look good when you are a relationship therapist and your fiancée leaves you just before the wedding, and it is even worse when you are trying to establish your name by publishing a self-help book titled “The Art of the Lasting Relationship”. For Claire, OCD, neat freak psychologist with ambitions to run […]

My Lady Lipstick – Karin Kallmaker

Paris is a geek with a history in Gaming that went terribly wrong and left her riddled with anxiety and hiding from the world. She turned her creative skills to writing intelligent bodice rippers under the pseudonym Anita Topaz, and has become a best-selling author. All is well until the new owners of the publishing […]

The Secret Pond – Gerri Hill

Lindsey McDermott is devastated by the loss of her family. She retreats to the family cabin in the Texas hills, gets a puppy and tries to just get through the days. In the next property over Hannah Larson is recovering from the death of her husband. She decided to take a year out, selling the […]

Captains Choice – VK Powell

Bennett Carlyle gets promoted to Police Captain and handed the project managing the redesign of the new sub-station building. Uncomfortable taking on something she has no experience with, she knows she needs to succeed to prove herself to her team and her boss. When it turns out the architect is her high school crush, who […]