Heart Stop – Radclyffe

Two interesting women meet and clash personalities as they are forced to work together in the ME’s department. Assistant chief medical examiner Olivia Price is emotionally cut off and distant. She resents having somebody forced on her who hasn’t passed through the normal channels. Jay “Flash” Reynolds was a high-flying trauma surgeon until an accident […]

Take Me There – Julie Cannon

Adrienne Stewart, nee Philips, walks into a business meeting as the attorney of a small pharmaceutical looking for venture capital. Sloan Merchant, attorney of the investment company Foster McKenzie, has only been told her married name and is completely unprepared for the shock of seeing Adrienne who she ran away from at college. Despite the […]

Beauty and the Boss – Ali Vali

A step away from the outstanding Cain Casey series “Beauty and the Boss” is an intriguing mystery/thriller/romance which pulls you in and holds on tight. Ellis Renois is a NOLA born and bred fashion designer at the top of her game. She, with support from her exceedingly savvy mother and a host of friends in […]

Beached – Jody Klaire

Jody Klaire is one of those authors with whom you never quite know what you are going to get, from the absolutely stunning paranormal/crime series “Above and Beyond” to the charming and whimsical “La Vie en Bleu” she always entertains. “Beached” is the first in a new series about an Island resort run by and […]

Perfect Rhythm – Jae

Well this was refreshingly different. Leo Blake is a burned-out pop star being driven too hard by her manager. When she gets a call to say her father has had a stroke she welcomes the chance to step off the treadmill, even though she doesn’t want to go home to small town America and a […]