Trial By Fury – KG MacGregor

Trail By Fury takes the ‘old boy’ attitude of Universities and exposes it for the outrage it is. Picking up on the ‘locker room’ mentality of Trump, MacGregor has written a fine piece of fiction to highlight the reality. Performance Studies Professor Celia Perone is horrified when one of her pupils is viciously raped, humiliated […]

On a LARP – Stefani Deoul

Take one super bright, smartarse teen geek, add in a bunch of high school friends with super fast brains and even faster fingers, and we have the super-sleuth crazy gang of the techno age. Sidonie Rubin is a teenager with a conscience and life threatening observation skills. When she makes a passing comment about a […]

Captivated – Annette Mori

When you open an Annette Mori novel you literally never know quite what you are going to get. Her stories are all very different, quirky, with unusual characters and served with a huge dollup of humour. In ‘Captivated’ we meet Juliet who almost defies description. Beautiful, but completely unaware of it, she has suffered from […]

Amounting To Nothing – Karis Walsh

Book three in the Tacoma Mounted Police series, although this will definitely stand alone if you haven’t read the previous stories. This is a sweet and gentle romance with a frisson of crime drama. Billie Mitchell is a vet with PTSD who has found a place in the Tacoma Mounted Police. Despite considering herself a […]

Without Justice – Carsen Taite

When prosecuting attorney Cade Kelly becomes the target of a hit man her old life is ripped away by the need for witness protection and severing all ties with the past. Slowly daring to open up the possibility of starting again she meets Emily Sinclair, newly elected DA in the small town Cade now calls […]

Lone Ranger – VK Powell

Emma Ferguson is a wannabe reporter in shock from her girlfriend’s heartless infidelity. She is running away to escape the fall out and another failed relationship. Emma accepts an assignment from an elderly lady in a small town to write the family history, but all is not as it seems and we soon have a […]

Deception – VK Powell

In Deception VK Powell takes some difficult social issues and portrays them with intelligence and empathy. DEA Agent Colby Vincent goes undercover as a homeless Vet investigating a prescription drugs racket. Instantly we have a whole heap of issues around homelessness, invisibility and drugs. Powell draws the Vet’s with compassion and realism – she has […]