The Big Sugarbush – Ana B Good

Sugarbush – a rehab centre for LGBT women – receives its new intake of 10 wealthy and diverse lesbians. From a pop diva to a plastic surgeon and a political activist to a Wall Street money maker, each of the characters is larger than life and seemingly, larger than the power of Babe, co-owner of […]

Just My Luck – Andrea Bramhall

Anybody who has read Andrea Bramhall’s previous books already knows she has a wide ranging and somewhat unusual imagination. From light traditional adventure romances to fairly dark thrillers and murder mystery, her works so far have crossed many lines. Always with a lesbian angle, they have each mixed up several genres and been hard to […]

La Vie en Bleu – Jody Klaire

I noticed Jody Klaire’s new book Above and Beyond Series, Untrained Eye, is due out about now which reminded me I hadn’t reviewed her romcom La Vie en Bleu that was out last August. La Vie en Bleu is an absolutely lovely read. It is well written, humorous and full of excellent human observation combined […]

Soiled – Lin Phillippi

The first Shannon Patrick Landscapes Mystery introduces us to the wonderful Shannon Patrick and her long-suffering wife Karen. Shannon a landscape designer and Karen, a collectibles dealer, live in Palm Springs with Mooch and Bailey, their two quirky cats. Shannon has an uncanny ability to find trouble at every opportunity, leaving Karen at her wits […]

Three – Ann McMan

3 short stories about Diz and Clarissa spread across 3 Christmas’s “Nevermore” finds the pair at the Christmas party after working together for 2 years ‘in the basement’ at Clarissa’s family. Diz, gawky, geeky, Rachel Maddow lookalike, dreams of the fabulous, upmarket and “almost engaged” Clarissa. She promptly gets drunk and disorderly, and finds herself […]