Taken at the Flood – Nene Adams

Meredith is a charter boat owner who gets offered over the odds pay to ferry an attractive but secretive women to an undisclosed destination ‘south’. Sceptical but intrigued she agrees and so begins an adventure that spans 3 continents. Rue is legit but definitely a person of interest to some unsavoury characters, and her quest […]

Tangled Mark – Becky Harmon

Nikki is somewhere between a spy, a security expert and an action adventure girl who specialises in sniper rifles. Since joining Flager Security she has formed part of a tight nit team who trust each other, literally, with their lives. When things start to go wrong it tests the teams cohesion and trust to the […]

Wild Shores – Radclyffe

Just finished Radclyffe’s newest novel in the “First Responder” series: a great read. This time the main characters get it on, hot and spicy, before the shocking dénouement and we are left wondering whether they can overcome their differences. Can the untold secrets be forgiven, or will the truth be too much to bear? Set […]