Trial By Fury – KG MacGregor

Trail By Fury takes the ‘old boy’ attitude of Universities and exposes it for the outrage it is. Picking up on the ‘locker room’ mentality of Trump, MacGregor has written a fine piece of fiction to highlight the reality. Performance Studies Professor Celia Perone is horrified when one of her pupils is viciously raped, humiliated […]

On a LARP – Stefani Deoul

Take one super bright, smartarse teen geek, add in a bunch of high school friends with super fast brains and even faster fingers, and we have the super-sleuth crazy gang of the techno age. Sidonie Rubin is a teenager with a conscience and life threatening observation skills. When she makes a passing comment about a […]

Falling Hard – Jae

Jordan is a player, honest, straightforward and caring about it, but a one-night-stand or friends with benefits type of woman, nothing else. She puts her energy into her job as a surgeon and her fun time is strictly that. Her mother’s decision to give up a career for a family has left a deep felt […]

Captivated – Annette Mori

When you open an Annette Mori novel you literally never know quite what you are going to get. Her stories are all very different, quirky, with unusual characters and served with a huge dollup of humour. In ‘Captivated’ we meet Juliet who almost defies description. Beautiful, but completely unaware of it, she has suffered from […]

What Matters Most – Georgia Beers

Enjoyable and easy to read as always, Georgia Beers’ latest is a classic traditional romance with a sweet likeable heroine. Kelsey has moved city and started a new life away from family and her ex, opening her own business and making new friends. When she meets a gorgeous woman in her local Starbucks there is […]

Delay of Game – Tracey Richardson

Set in the world of women’s international ice hockey Delay of Game is an excellent combination of sports based intrigue and rekindled romance. Niki was one of the top players on the Canadian olympic team, now retired and teaching, she has moved on, married, become a parent and been widowed. When team Canada come knocking […]

Secret Hearts – Radclyffe

The new Rad is an excellent lightweight traditional romance: quick and easy with little angst and a sweet charm. Kip comes from money and power, but finds herself on the wrong side of at least a misdemeanour when she tries to make sure her brother doesn’t drink and drive. Being assigned to 400 hours of […]