Karis Walsh

Amounting To Nothing – Karis Walsh

Book three in the Tacoma Mounted Police series, although this will definitely stand alone if you haven’t read the previous stories. This is a sweet and gentle romance with a frisson of crime drama. Billie Mitchell is a vet with PTSD who has found a place in the Tacoma Mounted Police. Despite considering herself a […]

Love on Tap – Karis Walsh

Karish Walsh writes excellent romances. They draw you in, engage your mind and capture your heart. Love on Tap is perfect for a lazy afternoon of dreaming. The characters are interesting, absorbing. Their struggles are ones we all recognise. Their choices perfectly reasonable and the ‘will she wont she’ resonates. Walsh is great at using […]

Blindsided – Karis Walsh

Guide dog trainer Lenae McIntyre left the high-speed world of television news writing behind, and now she helps other visually impaired people adjust to life with their canine companions. She teaches her students and their dogs to trust each other, but a past betrayal and the determination to be self-sufficient and independent keep her from […]

Blogspot – 6 questions for Karis Walsh

Karis Walsh is a horseback riding instructor who lived on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest but has just moved to Texas. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time outside with her animals, reading, playing the viola, and riding with friends. Her novel Sea Glass Inn has been is a Goldie finalist […]

Wingspan – Karis Walsh

Ken is an architect. She builds boxes with carefully crafted bland detail on tract housing. She lives a carefully crafted life; smart, unremarkable clothes, unemotional relationships, uninvolved job. But flashes of rebellion emerge like her restored ’56 Corvette, and the purchase of an acre of land on the remote Olympic Peninsula. When she finds and […]

Harmony – Karis Walsh

Andrea is the violist in a string quartet that earns a living by playing at weddings. She is tasked with coordinating and negotiating with the Bridezilla’s, amusingly named by the band by their wedding date. Andrea is the controller; ordered life,  organized work, distant ‘relationship’.  But she is also the peacemaker who gives in to […]