Carsen Taite

Sidebar – Carsen Taite

Attorney West Fallon has promised a federal judge that she will take a year away from her career to clerk for him, she may even wear a suit. However when he is taken ill the plans change and she is forced to clerk for a different judge, something she hadn’t bargained on and certainly isn’t looking forward to. […]

Without Justice – Carsen Taite

When prosecuting attorney Cade Kelly becomes the target of a hit man her old life is ripped away by the need for witness protection and severing all ties with the past. Slowly daring to open up the possibility of starting again she meets Emily Sinclair, newly elected DA in the small town Cade now calls […]

Reasonable Doubt – Carsen Taite

Two women, both determined to step away from fast paced lives and all consuming careers, dragged back into the fray by a terrorist bomb and the ensuing investigation. This is a good crime thriller concept with interesting twists and turns mixed in with a hard to resist romance. As always Carsen Taite’s knowledge of the […]

Blogspot – 6 questions for Carsen Taite

Carsen Taite works by day (and sometimes night) as a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas. Her goal as an author is to spin plot lines as interesting as the cases she encounters in her practice. Her Battle Axe is a Goldie finalist in the Mystery/Thriller category and Rush in the Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure category. I asked […]

Switchblade – Carsen Taite

Luca Bennett’s decision to keep her head down and concentrate on keeping things simple doesn’t last long. As she prepares for her brother’s wedding and her sort of date with Jess, along comes trouble in the shape of her summer fling Ronnie Moreno. At which point her plans for Jess and a quiet life go […]

Battle Axe – Carsen Taite

Luca Bennett is back and back in trouble again. When an ex conspirator and fling turns up asking for favors she is incapable of saying no. Having all her triggers hit by a sexy woman in need are always going to set her off.  And the challenge to prove she can deliver makes it worse. […]