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It is so much harder to review a great book than it is to review a good book. With a good book you can slam dunk that it’s a good story with good characters, say you liked it and you are done. When you read remarkable books, you have to think about it so much […]

Blogspot – 6 questions for Ann McMan

Ann and her wife, reviewer Salem West, live in central North Carolina with their three dogs, two cats, and an exhaustive supply of vacuum cleaner bags. In 2013 they co-authored Hoosier Daddy, a  Lambda Finalist in the Lesbian Romance section, and Ann published the delightful Three which is a Goldie Finalist for Anthology/Collection (Fiction). As they both […]

Three – Ann McMan

3 short stories about Diz and Clarissa spread across 3 Christmas’s “Nevermore” finds the pair at the Christmas party after working together for 2 years ‘in the basement’ at Clarissa’s family. Diz, gawky, geeky, Rachel Maddow lookalike, dreams of the fabulous, upmarket and “almost engaged” Clarissa. She promptly gets drunk and disorderly, and finds herself […]