Andrea Bramhall

Under Parr – Andrea Bramhall

When a skeleton is found in a previously sealed up WWII bunker Detective Sergeant Kate Brannon is faced with a cold case which some intriguing twists. Scraps of women’s clothes on a man’s bones, different names on the labels, different sized shoes on the wrong feet. Kate isn’t sure they will ever find out who […]

Just My Luck – Andrea Bramhall

Anybody who has read Andrea Bramhall’s previous books already knows she has a wide ranging and somewhat unusual imagination. From light traditional adventure romances to fairly dark thrillers and murder mystery, her works so far have crossed many lines. Always with a lesbian angle, they have each mixed up several genres and been hard to […]

Lammy Winners!

Huge congratulations to all the Lammy Finalists, it is a great honor to make that final cut and reflects what we all feel about you, so well done! Special congratulations of course to this years winners: James Duggings Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Prize: Radclyffe LESBIAN GENERAL FICTION: Happiness, Like Water, by Chinelo Okparanta (Mariner). LESBIAN MYSTERY: High Desert, […]