Secret Hearts – Radclyffe

The new Rad is an excellent lightweight traditional romance: quick and easy with little angst and a sweet charm. Kip comes from money and power, but finds herself on the wrong side of at least a misdemeanour when she tries to make sure her brother doesn’t drink and drive. Being assigned to 400 hours of […]

The Termination – Annette Mori

Annette Mori writes the most unusual books. No two have anything in common except for their distinctiveness. The Termination starts out as a seeming political thriller, prophetic and apt for the events which have happened since it was written, but resolves into a sweet traditional romance. The political thread of the story was clearly written, […]

Amounting To Nothing – Karis Walsh

Book three in the Tacoma Mounted Police series, although this will definitely stand alone if you haven’t read the previous stories. This is a sweet and gentle romance with a frisson of crime drama. Billie Mitchell is a vet with PTSD who has found a place in the Tacoma Mounted Police. Despite considering herself a […]

Catalyst – Fletcher DeLancey

Following immediately on from Without A Front – The Warrior’s Challenge, Catalyst brings all our major players together for the Lancer’s bonding break. Set on a holiday resort island with gorgeous beaches and honeymoon cabins, Tal and Salomen are joined by their closest friends and family, including Captain Ekatya Serrado and Dr Lhyn Rivers. A […]

Scissor Link – Georgette Kaplan

This is a genuinely unusual book. It is very well written, clever and entertaining, but I cant actually decide if I liked it. The story brings Wendy, a 26-year-old intern, to the attention of Janet, the Assistant Vice President of Production at Savin Aerospace. Wendy is an engineering geek with a dry sense of humour, a […]