Life In Death – M Ullrich

This is a powerful and moving book about two difficult subjects written in an unusual and clever style. Mary and Suzanne Dempsey are happily married, settled and solid. Then their adorable daughter Abigail is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Suddenly their almost perfect world is torn apart and rather than pull together the cracks deepen, almost […]

The Roundabout – Gerri Hill

This isn’t my normal type of review – and there’s a spoiler about the storyline, so be warned. On the one hand this is a lighthearted enjoyable read about slightly older women in a small town searching for love. Its starts with a bunch of single friends and through a series of sometimes funny and sometime […]

The Review – Annette Mori

When a successful lesbian romance writer sets up a competition to meet her greatest fan, all manner of people can feel slighted and upset. Silver Lining, the author, knows who will win, as only one person has read the book pre-release, but she doesn’t expect the winners ex to get involved, or jealous stalkers to […]

Lone Ranger – VK Powell

Emma Ferguson is a wannabe reporter in shock from her girlfriend’s heartless infidelity. She is running away to escape the fall out and another failed relationship. Emma accepts an assignment from an elderly lady in a small town to write the family history, but all is not as it seems and we soon have a […]

Heartwood – Catherine Lane

A well written and complex plot of then and now. 1960’s and Beth, the small town girl, falls head over heals for the cosmopolitan – and straight – Hollywood star, Dawn. Present day and renowned author Beth is a recluse locked away in her mansion, but her cook, Maggie, thinks something is wrong with her […]

Desert Places – Erica Abbott

I liked the main characters, Deputy County Attorney Jean McAllister and Sherriff Lea Hawkins’s, both strong independent and well established women. I particularly enjoyed meeting the Hawkins family, whose warmth and welcome were charming. For once the wicked homophobic family members (Jeans’ mother and brother) get their due comeuppance. The mystery is not hard to […]