Captains Choice – VK Powell

Captains Choice – VK PowellBennett Carlyle gets promoted to Police Captain and handed the project managing the redesign of the new sub-station building. Uncomfortable taking on something she has no experience with, she knows she needs to succeed to prove herself to her team and her boss. When it turns out the architect is her high school crush, who left town after their first kiss, things get way more complicated.

Kerstin Anthony gets handed a project in the town she grew up in, but had no intention of returning too. Unaware of the mess she is being handed, she wants the project to be the centrepiece of her design portfolio that will launch her own agency. When her first meeting brings her face to face with Bennett Carlyle all the painful heartache of being abandoned by her first and only love come flooding back and invading her carefully controlled world.

Can the two of them bear to work together of a project that is critical to their careers or will the heartache force them to step away?

VK Powell is the mistress of Police romances and this one is another classic “will she wont she” story of lost loves reunited by chance. Bennett is a true hero, calm, strong, brave and loyal, her heart has never really moved on despite getting on with her life, she is everything admirable. Kerstin has done the right thing, forged a career, taken care of her mother, but on the inside she is broken, unable to form attachments, scared of the thought of commitment, she holds herself in tight control and lets off steam with emotionless sex in her favourite private club.

There is a lot of prevarication.. this is the archetypal story of a woman not wanting to accept she has feelings, and it might drive you mad; it certainly makes Kerstin behave badly towards Ben whose patience is nothing short of stoic. But ultimately she has to grow, accept her feelings, allow herself to know why caused the breach and what has crippled her emotionally ever since.

The two families are extremely well drawn, far apart in many ways, one warm, caring and engaged, the other cool and distant; both feed the personality of the main characters and provide great sub-plots along the way.

Well written, lots of great sex and excellent sexual tension, great character building and use of the setting, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 245 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (December 12, 2017)
  • ASIN: B077HQF8YY
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