Syd Parker

Syd Parker is the author of eight best-selling lesfic novels, including the thriller series, The Gray Foxx Files.  She lives in Indiana with her partner of seven years.

Born in 1975 in Visalia, California, she spent the first years of her life living in the mountains near Woodlake. The  daughter of a true hippy couple, she has some wonderful memories of giant sequoias, mountain hillbillies and  rolling joints for her parents. When her mom says she had her naturally, Syd likes to joke that “naturally” meant her mom took a toke on her way to the hospital.

At five, they left the hills of California behind for the heat and humidity of Florida. Her parents had a small farm where they raised pigs and chickens. After a run-in with a pig that resulted in a subsequent bite on her thigh, Syd sent the hog packing to the meat plant and said goodbye to Florida and hello to Indiana, where she spent the rest of her childhood.

Syd loves to reminisce about growing up the oldest of seven kids. There were plenty of shenanigans with that many kids, many of which have ended up in Syd’s novels.  In school, Syd loved all things English, but put dreams of writing aside to concentrate on her studies.  She set off for college with the goal of being a nurse, but ultimately opted for a much more sexy and debonair day job in financing.

Not picking up a pen again until she was thirty-four, Syd hit the ground running, penning six novels in three years.  She has finally realized her lifelong dream of being an author and telling her stories to the masses.

Having long realized her dream of playing pro golf will probably not happen with a wicked slice, Syd spends her free time three-putting on the golf course, riding her road bike Hammer or training to be a professional runner.  The moments in between are sprinkled with a gaggle of nieces and nephews that she adores and spoils all the time. She fancies herself a down home gourmet chef and has an unnatural addiction to Doritos.  She loves to read a good love story and thoroughly enjoys writing them as well. “It isn’t just about writing a story, it’s about creating a world and having the reader climb into it, experiencing it in first person. That’s my goal…that’s why I write.”

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