Lyn Gardner

Like many, I got my start in fan fiction, and after receiving numerous compliments from my readers, I decided to send one of my stories to a publisher. Unbelievably, it was accepted and I was offered a contract…and even more unbelievably, I told them no. Through the process of submission, thirteen weeks of waiting and reading a rather long contract, I discovered quite a bit about myself. What I realized was my storiesare more important to me than walking into a bookstore and seeing my name on the shelf. If between the covers of the novel weren’t the feelings and settings I wrote, why bother? So I walked away from one dream and entered another…self-publishing.

My genre is lesbian fiction, and although my books are adult-rated for the love scenes they contain, they are not merely erotica. My stories are romance based, and inside them you will hopefully find all the things that make a love story a love story. Attraction, distraction, lust, angst, comedy, and of course, sex. 🙂
Originally from Delaware, I now call Florida my home, and when I’m not writing or working or reading about writing…I’m playing golf.

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