Linda Kay Silva

Linda Kay SilvaLinda Kay has published 18 novels by 4 different publishers. Her most recent works includes a zombie Thriller, Man Eaters as well as In the Nick of Time, the fifth in her time travel series.She had also published the Delta Stevens Mystery Series, More Than an Echo paranormal series, Tory’s Tuesday, and a motorcycle romance, Lucky, under the pseudonym Storm. (Linda Kay the Harley rider rides a Dyna Wide Glide 1450 cc bad ass machine named Lucky)By day, she belongs to a women’s motorcycle club called JUGs or Just Us Girls where she is currently the Sergeant of Arms. She is a rescuer of anything with fins, fur, or feathers, and she works with middle school girls she adores who want to be writers when they grown up.

By night, she is a not-so-mild-mannered Literature Professor at a military university where she teaches World Lit, British Lit, American Lit, Sci-fi/fantasy, epic fantasy, American Poetry, Comparative Lit, and Creative Writing to our men and women in uniform all over the globe…and she has been all over the globe, having recently returned from an African safari where her jeep was charged by an elephant. (Apparently, he didn’t care for her killing off one of her characters).

Linda Kay is Storm, Echo, Jessie, and Denny (Demon Hunter series coming out 2014) all rolled into one.

She writes 3-4 novels a year as she travels around the world visiting exotic locations where Linda Kay does most of her writing.She writes every day, plays hard every day, wakes up laughing every morning, and is a lover of life. Not some tortured artist…you’d be hard pressed to find someone as happy as she is…especially when she’s watching zombies eat people. (what’s up with that?)

Linda Kay returned to California four years ago when her mother up and died; mover her animals, and her life to take care of my stroke-addled father…and boy have things changed! Is is never easy to go home…to live in a house she grew up in and parent her parent…but they are managing quite well. She reconstructed her Sherlock Holmsian library, built a master suite, created a paradise-like backyard, and reconnected with old friends. Life couldn’t be better.

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