JD Glass

JD GlassJD Glass is the lead singer and plays guitar in The Charm Alarm. She lives in Staten Island, New York, and has a strong following for both her writing and her music.

JD Glass is the author of American Library Association (Stonewall) and Lambda Literary Award (Literature) finalist Punk Like Me, Punk And Zen, Lambda Literary Award and Ben Franklin Award finalist Red Light, GCLS finalist American Goth, and the critically acclaimed X; selection editor (and contributor) of GCLS Award winning anthology Outsiders, and listed on the Advocate’s Top 100 (2011) for CORE, Vol.1 Iss.1. JD is also contributor to the forthcoming Bear Bones Anthology, in production for CORE, Vol. 1, Iss. 2, and in edits for fan-awaited latest novel, Con, and Glass Lions.

Called by some the voice of a generation and the erotic philospher by others, JD works in often familiar-seeming worlds, with people we know, people like ourselves, people we’d like to meet, and provides powerful stories that allow the reader to rejoice and wonder, stumble and fall, then rejoice victoriously again at the amazing experience of being human.

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