D. Jordan Redhawk

D. Jordan RedhawkBorn in California in 1961, I missed the sixties entirely. Considering I’m a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, I still debate whether or not this was a good thing. A part of me vicariously thrills at the idea of protests and sit-ins and the like.

Still, I’m a stodgy loner which kind of goes against the hippy free-love thang. All things considered, I guess it was a positive. Instead I spent my teenaged years ala “Dazed and Confused.”

I had a high potential for a liberal or fine arts degree, nurtured by a mother who enjoyed painting and crafts, and a father who aspired at one time to write science fiction.
After a stint in the military (US Army, Military Police,) I hooked up with a wonderful woman who taught me many things, first and foremost the ability to love myself. We’ve been together twenty-five years (!), and have been through a commitment ceremony, a wedding on the steps of the courthouse, and are now considered domestic partners.

Never able to refrain from creating and bored to tears, in 1998 I cruised the internet (my biggest addiction) in search of something with which to occupy myself. I stumbled across fan fiction. That kept me entertained for a month or two, but I ran out of new stories!

(Yeah, you young whippersnappers don’t remember the dark days of the interwebz!) To fill the void, I began writing my own stories, posting them at various clearinghouses.

Two years after Tiopa Ki Lakota was written, I was approached by a publisher, and off to the presses we went!

Since then, I’ve published multiple books. I’ve also been through almost as many publishers! I have an awful tendency to hook up with companies that decide to cease doing business during my tenure. (Hmmm… Is that my bad luck, or theirs?)

I think I’ve found the perfect publisher, though. Since I first signed on with Bella Books, things have been going gangbusters! Even Broken Trails has made it out of publishing hell! WOOT! And though my previously published material is now out of date, Bella has plans to offer my backlist as ebooks. (Tiopa Ki Lakota is already available! SQUEE!)

Which means I’d better get back to work, huh? Let me get my thinking cap on…