Clare Lydon

Clare LydonI’m a writer who’s just published my first book, London Calling, which is a romance set in the Big Smoke. London Calling tells the story of Jess, who’s just returned from Sydney heartbroken & broke, and we follow her journey of getting her life back on track as she reconnects with the city, her family & friends, new mates & lovers and dodges bullets from her past.

I’ve lived in London for the past 15 years and love it more every day. I’m a Virgo, a Spurs fan, a new convert to turkey rashers and a Curly Wurly devotee. I’ve also never owned a cat and run screaming from anything DIY which makes me a rubbish lesbian, apparently. At the weekend, I like nothing more than to eat, drink and moan constantly about the weather and how rubbish Spurs are. I occasionally fit in some writing too.

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