Clare Ashton

Clare AshtonClare Ashton grew up in Mid-Wales. She has a brain stuck somewhere not particularly useful between the arts and science and that’s how she ended up studying History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge.

She has worked as a scientific copy-editor (where she learnt to spell diarrhoea), a waitress at the Little Chef (where she learnt you could survive on toast alone) and as a software engineer (where she learnt to spend far too much time on a computer).

She has been accused of sometimes living too much inside her head, but it turns out that this is good for writing stories. Her novels are a mix of suspense, intrigue, romance and darker elements too. She lives in the midlands (UK) with her partner and son and daughter who are a lovely distraction from writing.

Her first novel, Pennance, was long-listed for the Polari Prize and After Mrs Hamilton is a Golden Crown Literary Society award winner.

She also edits the UK lesbian fiction blog with Cari Hunter. She posts on Facebook where she never (well hardly ever) turns down a friend request, and is available on Google+.