Ann McMan

Ann McCanCollege at an indifferent liberal arts institution taught Ann that understanding subject/verb agreement was not enough to secure her fame and fortune. After graduation, she got a job driving a young adult bookmobile—and spent her days piloting the great rig across the dusty back roads of rural North Carolina. Her duties included making certain that the mobile library always contained at least six copies of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, visiting the county detention unit (it was a great way to catch up with her brothers), and showing public service films about safe sex to pre-teens at 4-H Clubs all across her part of “The New South.”

Soon, the allure of higher education coaxed Ann back to school. For the past three decades, Ann has worked at a succession of premier institutions, designing marketing and advancement materials that promote, promulgate, and extol the benefits of indifferent liberal arts education.

Somebody has to do it.

Ann McMan - jericoAll this time, she continued to write. And when, at the ripe old age of thirty, she realized that she was not like other girls, the great world of lesbian literature opened its arms, and provided her with a safe haven in which to grow and learn about her new identity. She will forever be indebted to those literary pioneers who had the courage, the talent, and the temerity to gift us all with an art form of our own. Ann’s first and subsequent attempts at writing lesbian fiction have been heartfelt attempts to pay that great gift forward.

On Easter weekend of 2012, Ann married The Rainbow Reader, Reviewer and Publisher of Bywater Books, Salem West, in a private service on the shores of Vermont’s Lake Champlain. Although they were married on Noah’s Ark, no exotic animals took part in the ceremony. They live quite happily in central North Carolina with their two dogs, two cats, and an exhaustive supply of vacuum cleaner bags.

In 2011, Ann, along with her novels Jericho and Dust and her short story “I Saw Xena Kissing Senticles” were elected to The Royal Academy of Bards Hall of Fame.  In 2012, she was awarded the Alice B. Lavender Certificate, Sidecar won a Rainbow Award for Best Contemporary Lesbian Fiction and a GCLS award for Best Short Story or Collection, and Jericho was ranked by the eZine, Autostraddle, at #69 on the 100 Best Lesbian Fiction and Memoir Books of All Time.

Ann’s works include five novels, Jericho, Dust, Aftermath, Hoosier Daddy, and June Magee, R.N., Festival Nurse, and the short story collections Sidecar and Three.

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