Andrea Bramhall

andrea bramhallI was born in Stockport, that’s near Manchester in the UK. I few years ago now, I took my life in my hands and crossed the great North/South divide. Now I live in Norfolk with my partner, our two Border Collies, and two and a half cats. One isn’t sure if she wants to be ours anymore as the lady down the street feeds her whiskers rather than whatever is on offer at the supermarket, like we do!

While I’m here in Norfolk I try to be productive, but instead I spend my time running our campsite and hostel to pay the bills, and scribbling down stories during the winter months, when very few people come camping. That’s not to say they don’t come at all, they do. One chap last year came on Christmas Eve and put a Christmas tree outside his tent!

I studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, and got a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Arts. I got to play saxophone and guitar to my heart’s content, wrote a few essays on James Joyce, John Betjamin, Michel Foucault, and Judith Butler. Read a lot of work by Jeanette Winterson and had a bloody good time all told. (However, if you are heading to University any time soon, a word of advice…don’t play strip Frisbee outside the main windows of the halls of residence during Fresher’s week. Those poor buggers never lived that down. Apparently it was cold!)

I’m an avid reader and a keen musician; I still play the saxophone and the guitar (just to annoy my other half—apparently!). I take a lot of photos. And I do mean a lot. We went to Rome for a weekend to celebrate my partners ‘special’ birthday (we never mention the number) and I took two and a half thousand pictures. We were only there for three days! I also love scuba diving and take every opportunity to head to warmer climes and discover the mysteries of life beneath the waves!

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