Blogspot – 6 questions for JD Glass

jdJD Glass is a well known singer. She lives in New York, and has a strong following for both her writing and her music.

Called by some the voice of a generation and the erotic philospher by others, JD works in often familiar-seeming worlds, with people we know, people like ourselves, people we’d like to meet, and provides powerful stories that allow the reader to rejoice and wonder, stumble and fall, then rejoice victoriously again at the amazing experience of being human.

Her Nocturnes is a Goldie finalist in the erotica category. I asked her your 6 questions – and here are her replies.

daggerspell1) Who/What is your favorite book/author? Why?
My favorite author is Katharine Kerr because she has always written stories (beginning with the first I read, Daggerspell) that speak to me as a person, and as a person whose body happens to be female.

2) What has been your most surprising or interesting inspiration for a book?
Believe it or not, it was a song – “Warriors” by Ronan Hardiman. I heard it the first time, and the entire story of Red Light played in my head.

Johanna Goodyear3) Writing is emotional and can be isolating. From where do you get your support?
I’m very lucky – my partner is incredibly supportive of my work, in fact, I think I can safely say she’s my biggest fan, in a real way, in a constructive way. Beyond that, I’m also a musician, and I work in visual mediums as well, so those really help ground me. Otherwise – Starbucks and tea. Caffeine is my friend, my very good and loyal friend.

4) What does it mean to you to see your work in print and then up for an award?
Honestly, I’m just really and truly thrilled to be in the company I’m in, grateful that folks enjoy the work. It’s very humbling, truly, and I’m sincerely grateful.

punklikeme5) What is next on your personal bucket list to accomplish?
I’ve always got so much going on – that’s a hard one! I’m working on adapting Punk Like Me into a graphic novel, as well as working on a complete new series just for that format. But what I really want to master next is animation – I love moving stories! To combine a story with music into a mini movie…THAT would be AWESOME!!!

6) What are you working on now and what’s next up for publication?
That’s always another big question! I’m splitting time between the studio (for some new music and a new EP release) and writing. I’ve been doing some non-fiction work (you’ll see an article coming out in The Advocate come this September, for example), so that’s going on, plus I’m working on a few things simultaneously, including Punk and Zen Pt. 2: The ReMaster, X2, and yes, the sequel to Red Light, the “original” of which will be re-issued soon, expanded to include new scenes, and in some ways, it’s even a new story, because it’ll go into more depth all around. And…as always, there’s more, more, more.

My big passions in terms of “new” are two titles: Fish, which for those who’ve followed the Punk series shows the “next” generation (but is a complete new, stand-alone story – I do that a lot!), and Letters to Steve, which is about a friendship between two folks – Steve and Jean (yes, Jean from Red Light), and tells the story about what happens to both of them when Steve joins the Marines and is part of the military action in Panama.

Huge thanks to JD for taking part. You can read a full biography and see all her books on her JD Glass author page.