Best Maid Plans – Jody Klaire

Best Maid Plans - Jody KlaireFollowing directly on from her enchanting romcom La Vie en Bleu Jody Klaire delivers another light and breezy romance full of sexy French women and English humour.

Pippa and Rebecca have moved to France, one rekindling the love of her life, the other finding it. But of course, nothing is quite that simple. One must charm the super-rich super-protective parents of the woman she loves, the other must convince her lover that she isn’t running back to her ex fiancé just because she is returning to England to help him renovate a mansion and plan his wedding. Add in the politicking, shenanigans and jealousy of ex-girlfriends, unrequited lovers and a village full of unemployed tradesmen and the scene is set for another fast-moving comedy romance.

Pippa and Rebecca, Berne and Babs, along with family and friends, provide a full cast of delightful real-life figures we can relate to and empathise with, while envying their privileged lifestyles and enjoying the banter between them. The baddies are cyphers to move the plot along and the angst is non-existent. We never really doubt that love will prevail, golf matches will be won, parents will fall into line and projects, business’s and lifestyles will effortlessly materialise for all concerned.

Jody KlaireThe plot rolls along at pace, mansions repaired, houses renovated, wedding panned, while the players criss-cross the channel and pop down to Monaco for a visit. Hairdressers and stylists materialise along with lesbian decorators, classic cars and chocolate wedding cakes. All put together with a wonderful sense of style and corresponding elegant prose by a one of my favourite storytellers.

I said La Vie en Bleu would be a wonderful movie and “Best Maid Plans” would be an equally amusing sequel, think lesbian Bridget Jones; a Renee Zellweger type klutzy Pippa, and Hugh Jones as the clueless Doug, with a backing cast of gorgeous French women.  Charming, easy to read and highly entertaining.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 348 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: J K Publishing (June 14, 2017)
  • ASIN: B072KP4NQH
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