Arc Over Time – Jen Silver

Arc Over TimeFollowing on from her first novel Starting Over Jen Silver’s sequel is an excellent examination of the ups and downs of grown up relationships.

Dr Kathryn Moss is still obsessed with Ellie Winters, despite Ellie’s obvious commitment to and happiness with wife Robin. Despite her unrequited yearning the buttoned up professor has continued her affair with journalist Denise Sullivan – what Dr Moss hasn’t realised is how Den’s feelings are developing.

Riding high on the back of the Starling Hill discoveries Kathryn is in demand and offered new posts in London and Durham. Her choices bring the fledgling relationship to a crisis, and throw in to sharp relief the issues between the two women.

Den is in her own crisis, wanting more from the relationship, unfulfilled by her job, and realising that she might actually be ready to grow up. The trials and tribulations of chasing the emotionally unavailable professor make her re-evaluate where she is and what she wants.

Meanwhile Ellie is becoming an increasingly successful artist, enjoying the quiet of the farm and resisting all demands to become a public figure. Her art has a mind of its own, however, and voices from the past seem determined to push Starling Hill back into the limelight.

Jen Silver BioAs with Starting Over , Ms Silver has delivered a charming, witty and clever observational novel. Her characters are very authentic people, warts and all – recognisable characters many of us will have encountered. They live in a real world and, unlike so many lesbian romances, behave like real people.

The settings, particularly the countryside locations, are beautifully drawn and add depth and richness to the story. Similarly the archaeology is well done – adding veracity and a solidity to the tale. Ms Silver uses her knowledge of British history and Roman archaeology to great effect.

This story will stand alone, but is much more enjoyable with the knowledge of our main characters gleaned in the first novel. If you haven’t indulged yet then you have a delightful treat in store from this new voice in Lesbian fiction.

(publisher review copy received)

Product info:

  • Paperback: 191 pages
  • First published 2015
  • Affinity Ebook Press NZ LTD (May 14, 2015)
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To buy the Kindle edition – click here.
To buy the Paperback – click here.