and then there were authors…

Chicago, IL, GCLS Con, 2017. If you haven’t been keeping up where have you been??? There’s me, all full of it because Karin Kallmaker used me (in double drag) in her short story, Erica Abbott saying we need a ‘velvet anthology’ (still not sure if there was more to that) and Darla Baker asking me to be ED of her new non-profit, Stone Soup Community Press. Something seemed to be telling me to add it all up.

And there I am wandering around the GCLS Conference with 250 authors. Mmmm.

So I started asking.

And they said yes. All of them. Can’t believe the generosity and support I have had.

By the end of Con I had 9 amazing authors who had agreed to write a short for the anthology, all donated for the cause, all proceeds to the GCLS Readers Scholarship fund.

So who? You interested?

Well first had to be Karin and Erica for obvious reasons.

Next was a session at the bar with a bunch of crazy women… so I collared Ann McMan, Stefani Deoul and Cheryl Head and two amazing editors in Elizabeth Anderson and Fay Jacobs.

Over a few whiskeys I rather bravely asked MJ Williamz (anyone who knows her genre will understand why that was brave).

I was so excited I told my buddy Donna K. Ford who opted in as well.

Over cocktails I asked Cheyne Curry.

Annette Mori said yes to the tux.

And then I plucked up courage and asked Lee Lynch – who also said yes.

While I was at it I picked up a brilliant jacket designer (guess who?)

I can only say a huge thank you to all the authors, the editors and that designer for participating, and also to Salem West and Katherine V. Forrest for help and advice behind the scenes and Brenda Barton for allowing me to use her images of Frank’n’Furter

I do hope you are going to buy this book!