A Girl Called London – Clare Lydon

A Girl Called London - Clare LydonTanya is a high-powered lawyer, interesting, attractive and successful, very confident in her world, with a flaw; she is frequently rude and brash and rather full of her own importance. When her Gran dies Tanya has no choice but to take her Gran’s adored dog before her uncaring mother sends it to the local rescue. But a dog doesn’t exactly fit into her busy flat dwelling life style.

Sophie is growing her dog walking business and licking her wounds from a broken heart while she figures out what she really wants out of life. Under normal circumstances they have nothing in common, but they keep crossing paths and somehow make a connection beyond that of pet owner and dog walker. When they take a road trip to Tanya’s home town things begin to move beyond what either had planned in their lives.

A sweet romcom, this is book three of the London series and definitely stands alone. Those who have read “This London Love” will recognise Tanya as the decidedly unlikeable villain, and it’s good to see her grow into herself, let herself be more than the nasty bottled up woman who has been distorted by her mother and her own baggage. Sophie is a total sweetie who you can’t help but love, and her interactions with her Dad are priceless.

It well written with great descriptions and imagery, great fun, real emotion and hot sex as usual. Both women are on an emotional journey, one maybe more serious than the other, but both have things to learn and a history to overcome. Despite the growth and angst that drives the women together this is a light hearted read full of wit and humour, drawn with love.

Thoroughly enjoyable read and for me, Ms Lydon’s best yet, as her writing, and her characters mature.

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Product info:

  • Paperback: 342 pages
  • First published 2017
  • Publisher: Custard Books (June 24, 2017)
  • ASIN: B07391R3WZ
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